Introduction of Miedema Calculator
Miedema Calculator is a user-interface program, which is designed by R. F. Zhang, S. H. Sheng and B. X. Liu, for calculating the formation enthalpy (energy) of alloy based on the Miedema’s theory and its derived model by Zhang et al. Thanks to Prof. Z. J. Zhang and Prof. Z. C. Li for comments, discussion and help in Miedema’s Theory.
The name of the software comes from the name of the Famous Scientist Andries Miedema. In memory of his great contribution to the empirical thermodynamical model of cohesion in metals, we name this software as “Miedema Calculator”.
1) Display the model parameters  of elements;
2) Perform the iteration calculation of formation enthalpy of binary transition metal compound;
3) Calculate the composition-dependent atomic size difference factor.
4) Calculate the Gamma parameter and the solution enthalpy of a binary alloy system.
5) Calculate the Elastic mismatch enthalpy in a dilute solid solution.
6) Calculate the Chemical enthalpy in a dilute solid solution.
7) Calculate the Volume change during alloying in a dilute solid solution.
8) Estimate the formation enthalpy of amorphous alloys.
9) Periodic table of physical, thermodynamic and mechanical properties of elements.
Miedema Calculator runs on Windows. The best choice to run Miedema Calculator is the screen resolution of 1024*768.
It is contributed free of charge for non-commercial users.
The current version 3.0 is valid for binary transition metal alloy system and the alloy systems consisted of at least one transition metal!
The application to alloying with two nontransitional metals and polyvalence elements like N, B, C, etc must be with caution.
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